About Us

We are known for our excellent customer service, making every customer feel comfortable by being upfront, professional and friendly. We offer you the best results by using trained technicians and top notch equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Technician

Our prices are extremely competitive because we keep our expenses super low by using only one carpet cleaning technician per job.

In the case of stairs, our technician will need assistance with carrying our portable machine up and down each floor. It’s heavy for one person but between two people, it’s not a problem and usually only takes a minute.

The technician will call text you when he/she is on their way to your home.

Our technician requires payment upon completion.

Residential Service

The carpets in your home should be enjoyed. Regular carpet cleaning not only helps keep your carpets looking like new, but can help to reduce allergens and remove stubborn stains. Contact Edmonton Carpets today!

Terms of Service

For best results, please ensure that your carpets are vacuumed prior to our arrival.

We only clean all visible carpeted areas of your home. Please have all furniture moved prior to our arrival if you would like to have that area cleaned. For liability reasons we do not move furniture around.

Ensure that there is a clear and open pathway around the area you wish to have cleaned so that our technician can maneuver the machine and hoses easily.

We will need access to water (bath tub or sink) and power to operate our machine. 


Once booking is requested a customer service agent will call you to confirm

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Your Phone Number

    Your Postal Code

    Type of residence

    How many rooms need cleaning

    Preferred Date and Time Period

    Additional cleaning areas, if applicable

    SafeSolutions Because our customers deserve the best!

    Edmonton Carpets believes in using only the best products available when cleaning carpets. We only use eco-friendly, pet and child safe solutions.

    Powerful  Steam Cleaning

    Edmonton Carpets uses a very powerful commercial grade Ninja 300 carpet steam cleaning machine to deep clean carpets.

    Although our machine is very powerful, we can not guarantee that all stains will be removed. There are times that most of the stain(s) will be removed but there will be a shadow of the stain remaining.  Depending on the stain, chemical, how long it’s been set for, results will vary.

    Getting your carpets cleaned is as easy as 1, 2 3!

    Step 1: Vacuum Carpets

    Before your carpet cleaning appointment vacuum all carpets that need to be cleaned thoroughly. The cleaner the carpets the better results your carpet cleaning will be.

    Step 2: Move Furniture

    If you would like your carpets cleaned under your furniture, ensure that your furniture is removed before we arrive. We do not move furniture for liability reasons.

    Step 3: Enjoy Your Carpets

    Sit, relax or roll around your freshly cleaned carpets! We know you’ll be delighted with our service and we hope we’ll earn your repeat business and referrals to your friends and family members.

    Book Your Carpet Cleaning With Edmonton Carpets Today!